Adventure Travel

The term "adventure travel" is intimidating to some, as it connotes "danger and risk". Does it include mountain climbing and white water rafting? Yes it does. But it also includes: hiking, walking, African camera safaris and bicycling- the list goes on and on.

We think of it more as "active travel", that engages travelers through participation, usually in small groups, offering a return to nature, educational opportunities, and an increased sense of personal growth.

To help you decide if adventure travel is for you, please use the following criteria as a guide:

    • Do you enjoy walking and outdoor activities?
    • Are you curious and interested in learning about new environments and cultures?
    • Do you like to go "off the beaten path"?
    • Do you enjoy meeting and traveling with other people?

If this sounds like it could be your idea of travel (and it is ours) please contact us. We have the capability of arranging exciting journeys all over the world.

Small Ship Adventures

We had a wonderful cruise around the Galapagos Islands with once or twice daily naturalist guided walks on the various islands. We saw the most amazing animals and birds, many of which are only found on the islands. The  ship held about 100 people and was every bit as luxurious as any of the best cruise lines. We are ready to do this trip again.

There is a small ship cruise company that travels the inland passage along Alaska's coast. They offer active itineraries that include kayaking, hiking and nature watching. They also offer active cruises in the Sea of Cortez off of Baja Mexico.

Land Based Adventures

Over the years we have taken many land based adventure trips. Most if not all of these were guided small group tours. Here is a selection of some of them:

A trip to China, which included a four night cruise on the Yangtze  River and several days in Tibet,

A safari trip to Tanzania where we saw all of the "Big Five" and every other type of bird and animal that lives there. This trip included the most wonderful hotels as well as two tented safari camps (with indoor plumbing and electric!).

We spent several weeks in New Zealand including hiking the Milford Track.

We toured Peru twice, each time visiting Machu Picchu and once spending an overnight at a guest house on an island on Lake Titicaca.

We have done several walking tours in England, visited Mayan ruins in Mexico and Guatemala, trekked in Nepal and spent three weeks following  one of the routes of Marco Polo on the Silk Road through the 5 "Stans".

If you want to hear more or you are ready to go, Please contact us.

Suggested Adventures

  • Antarctica and the Chilean Fjords
  • Peru and Machu Picchu
  • Easter Island
  • Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula
  • Nepal
  • Kenya and Tanzania
  • Egypt and the Nile
  • Canadian Rockies
  • Bhutan
  • India
  • The Yukon
  • Iceland
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Cambodia and Angkor Wat
  • The Galapagos and the Amazon
  • Vietnam